Creative Grid for Detroit Entrepreneurs

Detroit Entrepreneurs seeking resources are guided (online) to a myriad of sources. In times of need this can be (and often is) a daunting task reaping few rewards. Detroit businesses can now rely on a color-coded distinctively creative “grid” to navigate the pool of resources. This resource offered by the Detroit Economic Growth Group and is available online and in a handy brochure. Here is how to get yours…

The Detroit Economic Growth Corp. has produced a colorful, compact brochure and an interactive online directory that can serve as a handy resource for Detroit entrepreneurs.

Called BizGrid, it is the updated creation of the DEGC and a committee of the Detroit Business Support Network, including the New Economy Initiative, Bizdom and TechTown Detroit that connect entrepreneurs with Detroit’s business support services. NEI funded the directory.

The booklet is color coded starting with a purple section that explains what it is and ending with a white section that lists the more than 80 organizations offering services from business planning and strategy to real estate assistance and co-working spaces.

There are so many businesses that want to get started, but we can’t get to all of them,” said Michael Forsyth, DEGC director of small business services, adding that this resource will make it easier for them to find the right organization for help.

BizGrid organizations partner with Detroit entrepreneurs and small business owners and provide them with support services in eight areas: legal; licensing and permitting; research and development; workforce; financial management; funding; space; business planning and strategy; and sales and marketing.

In November, BizGrid will host BizGrid Live! 2016, a networking event where entrepreneurs and small business owners can meet with representatives from the support service organizations and hear real-life experiences from other entrepreneurs.

Detroit Business Grid

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