This Online Business that works with proprietary technology and traditional products to reduce the carbon footprint of consumers and businesses. Our state-of-the-art management system employs a design-build model to systematize the process of going green.

Design-Build is a method of creating ONE contract for multiple services and the one contract is then managed by one company for the benefit of all.

For example: Lowering the carbon footprint of a building might require a new furnace, windows, insulation, wind or turbine or solar technology… and typically these are offered by different vendors. Funding is offered for ONE contract that covers all services and products.

Client = Owner, investor, company, municipality, university or non profit
Vendors = Green Tech companies, General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, etc.
Money Source = Funders (Federal Government, banks, lenders)

The process of procuring a client/contract is presumed to be as follows:

1. Seeking Building Owners who desire rehabilitation via online marketing or other means
2. Seeking alliances with vendors
3. Seeking alliances with funders

Once there is a match with ALL 3 of these the process of closing the sale can happen

1. Process pricing with owner/vendor/funder
2. Select the products and services that will be done
3. Sign contracts

Status updates generated for all participants:

– Whose been on site
– Whose done work on site
– Progress reports on time etc

To start

  • We can do entry pages for each aspec
  • Support staff
  • Owner
  • Vendor
  • Funder
  • Documents, messages, calendars
  • Mobile app to communicate between groups
how can we help you?

Contact us at the office or submit a business inquiry online.

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